Our objective is to identify, acquire and develop gold primary projects that have been overlooked or underfinanced, including projects that have fallen dormant as non-core assets.

Our exploration mandate is focused in the North American regions that are supportive of mining investment.

Investment Highlights

Clarity Gold Corp. (“Clarity”) is listing as a publicly traded gold exploration company on the CSE under the symbol CSE:CLAR

  • Proven ability to identify, evaluate and execute transactions on assets
  • Management has identified and completed over 100 resource property transactions
  • Access to an industry leading proprietary database of projects and technical reviews

Early investment opportunity in a tight capital structure

  • Coming to trade with 16,950,00 shares
  • Management holds 16% of issued stock

Opportune listing timing with current gold market trend

  • Multiple suppressed assets available for M&A
  • Bullish outlook on gold cycle

Clear path to 100% ownership of Empirical Project

that has demonstrated gold values in a known porphyry district recent work program and 43-101 report completed

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If you have a question about Clarity Gold Corp. or would like to know more about our operations please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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