About Empirical

Target Commodities: Gold, Copper, and Molybdenum

Project Area: 10,518 Ha


  • 5,117 Ha 100% Clarity Gold Corp.
  • 5,401 Ha option to earn 100%

Exploration Model: Au-Cu-Mo Porphyry

Location: 12km south of Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada

Access: Partially accessible by gravel road and helicopter base in Lillooet.

Property Details

Table with selected historic drill intercepts

HoleEastingNorthingFrom (m)AziDip Results
DDH 81-457873155992163630-5221 m @ 3.67 g/t Au
DDH 86-2578741559922328.97195-851.75 m @ 3.20 g/t Au
DDH 86-4578741559922342.43270-701.01 m @ 3.30 g/t Au
DDH 86-5578741559922317.68165-550.88 m @ 10.27 g/t Au

Historic Work

  • 1,600m of diamond drilling (max depth of 230m)
  • 6 of 15 drill holes intersected anomalous gold values
  • Limited geologic mapping
  • Limited soil sampling
  • Limited geophysics

Highlights of Recently Acquired Expansion Claims

Empirical Extension East
  • Multiple copper showings in the Southeast, including the Rickhill Showing where six surface rock samples collected in 1959 averaged 0.95% copper over 12.9 meters.
  • In 1970, 538 soils were collected with copper intensities ranging between 6 ppm to 212 ppm.
Empirical Extension Southwest
  • Two molybdenum showings namely, the Molybdenite Lake and Fyp showings where historic samples taken from quartz veins have assayed up to 0.32% molybdenum and 0.35 g/t gold
  • Previous work has focused on the area’s molybdenum potential, with minimal exploration for gold
Empirical Extension

Technical reports:

Technical report on the Empirical Property

EFFECTIVE DATE: March 24th, 2020

The Cordilleran Continental Arc contains 26 significant porphyry deposits,

including Imperial Metals historic Huckleberry Mine and Norandas historic Babine Porphyry camp.

  • Fish Lake and Poison Mountain are the 1st and 3rd largest deposits, whilst Taseko is the 2nd highest grade deposit in this tract. 
  • The Cordilleran Continental Arc is estimated to contain the most undiscovered porphyry deposits in Canada. (Reference – USGS 2010 publication: Porphyry Copper Assessment of British Columbia and Yukon Territory, Canada)
  • Analogous Cordilleran Continental Arc porphyries from the Southeastern Coast Mountains (within 150km of Empirical
    • Fish Lake (Prosperity) 1,150 Mt @ 0.22% Cu and 0.41 g/t Au
    • Poison mountain 808 Mt @ 0.24% Cu and 0.12 g/t Au
    • Taseko 15 Mt @ 0.53% Cu and 0.53 g/t Au

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