About Tyber

Target Commodities: Gold, Copper, and Silver

Project Area: 928 Ha

Ownership: 100% Clarity Gold Corp.

Exploration Model: Shear zone hosted quartz veins

Location: 18 km south of Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Access: Accessible by gravel road

Selected Historic Results: Up to 2.328 oz/t Au (from waste dump), 16% Cu, 305.5 oz/t Ag

Property Details

  • The area is underlain by volcanic rocks of the Triassic Karmutsen Formation composed of pillow basalt and pillow-breccia, basaltic lava flows and minor tuff. A sequence of limestone beds <30 ft thick has been found in several places between lavas in the upper section of the Karmutsen Formation
  • Contains a number of separate but apparently related quartz vein systems hosted in shear and fracture zones
  • Veins vary from anastomosing, lensoidal to en echelon; vein size varies from hairline to 1.5 m width and are traceable in historic adits and on the surface for less than a metre to tens of metres
  • Two historic adits (14m and 47m in length) are located on the Tyber Project and are believed to have targeted mineralised quartz veins within local shear zones.

Historic Work (1916-1986)
Prospecting, Soil Sampling, Magnetometer Survey

1916 BC Mines Annual Report: Grab sample of dump: trace Au, 2.2 oz/t Ag, 9.7% Cu

1965 Rock Samples: 29 Samples: returned between 0.14 to 17% Cu, nil to 0.05 oz/t Au, nil to 305.5 oz/t Ag

1981 Soil Samples: 199 samples: returned up to 650 ppm Cu, 27 ppm Ag, 405 ppm Pb, 310 ppm Zn

1981 Rock Samples: returned values up to 12.91 oz/t Ag, 2.328 oz/t Au, 11.6% Cu (from waste dump)

1986 Rock Samples: returned values up to 295 ppm Ag, 430 ppb Au

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